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Disability Insurance Claims

Illnesses and injuries often occur without warning. To protect themselves, many people purchase some form of private or group disability insurance. If you are unable to work, disability insurance coverage could be your sole source of income. It is important to make sure you have help dealing with your insurer.

My name is Kimberly H. Ashbach, Esq., and at my law firm, I fight to recover insurance benefits for disabled people in Pennsylvania. I understand that most people seeking these benefits are vulnerable, suffering from a serious illness or injury. My goal is to help you get the benefits you deserve by handling all issues with your insurance company. That way, you can focus on your health, not on a difficult legal process.

To arrange a consultation with an experienced Montgomery County disability claims lawyer, please call 267.468.0613 or contact my Ambler law firm online. I serve clients in the Philadelphia metro area and throughout eastern Pennsylvania.

Understanding the Disability Insurance Claim Process

The most important thing you can do is secure timely review of your insurance policy. These policies are usually very complex, and you do not want to miss a filing deadline.

Insurance policies also have many requirements that you must meet before the insurer will provide benefits. For example, usually you cannot continue working after making a claim. You need appropriate doctor care and certification of disability. You also may need to exhaust your sick time, and there are specified waiting times before you qualify for benefits.

Montgomery County Disability Law Attorney

Kimberly H. Ashbach, Esq.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Persons with disabilities have special challenges and protection under the law. Federal and state laws prevent employers from discriminating against disabled employees in the workplace. It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a person with a disability in the terms and conditions of employment and employers must accommodate those persons with a disability who can still perform the essential functions of the job.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and its amendments prohibit private employers, state and local governments, employment agencies and labor unions from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities. It is illegal to discriminate against a disabled individual with respect to the following:

  • Job application procedures
  • Hiring and firing
  • Compensation
  • Promotion or advancement
  • Job training
  • Other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment

In addition, to the extent that an employee needs an accommodation to perform his or her job, the employer must work with that request to the extent that it does not unnecessarily burden the employer’s business.

Need help with disability law?

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As an experienced attorney, I will do everything I can to get you the benefits you deserve. I can help you file the initial application. If that is denied, do not lose hope. The majority of initial claims are denied. Working with doctors and other experts, I can help you build a strong appeal, showing the insurer that you are truly in need of disability benefits.

If you have questions about filing for disability or if you have been denied and aren’t sure what to do next, I can help.

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