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Welcome to Ashbach Law. I am Kimberly Ashbach, Esq. I specialize in providing both individuals and businesses with experienced, thoughtful counsel to achieve customized results for all your employment, business or litigation related matters. I recognize that you as the client are integral to making this a successful working relationship.

Whether you are an individual with questions and/or concerns about your rights as an employee or an entrepreneur or small business looking to protect your business, I am here to offer the experience, skills, and tailored expertise to assist you.

I offer my clients a rich and diverse background spanning over 30 years building expertise in my practice areas. I graduated from William and Mary College where I had been awarded one of its highest honors, “Order of the Coif.” I launched my career in the public sector as a law clerk for the Honorable Ronald P. Wertheim. Thereafter, I started as a young lawyer at the United States Department of Justice, admitted through their honors program.

At the DOJ, I had the responsibility of defending the government against multimillion dollar lawsuits stemming from claims of environmental exposure to toxic substances. As my career and experience grew, I transitioned into private practice with a large Philadelphia law firm, Montgomery, McCracken, Walker and Rhoads. There I represented clients such as Mack Trucks, Continental Bank, MidLantic Bank, PECO, and the City of Reading, PA, specializing in employment and ERISA litigation. In 1996, after training in “big firm law” I launched two new ventures, Ashbach Law being one of them. I have been grateful for the varied path that I have chosen which has allowed me to amass a wealth of knowledge and courtroom skill in employment law, ERISA law, and other practice areas. This background has empowered me to turn the Rubik’s cube of the law around as I am problem solving, and to always be aware of the strengths and pitfalls of any case.

Armed with experience and determination, and wonderful clients, I established my own private practice, focusing in large part on employment law. I have had the opportunity to represent many clients who have come to me in distress, facing painful employment conflicts and related problems. I have been called in for some as a “last chance” resort where other attorneys found no merit in the claim or lacked the creativity to accomplish a result. Fortunately, I have been very successful in helping those losing hope to become clients and to achieve positive outcomes. I have had a hand in helping restore to their lives some dignity and fairness, and monetary compensation for the losses suffered. I have been humbled and appreciative of the faith that my clients place in me daily to help right some wrong.

If asked to describe myself, I would reply that I am thoughtful, thorough, and tenacious. I am creative in my approach to each situation, and work to build client relationships. Sometimes there is no legal solution, and I am honest and frank if I cannot assist you. I pride myself on being dedicated and responsible to each client. I have the respect of my peers and the Court, and my biggest compliment comes when opposing counsel from a former case sends me a referral.

I am a skilled listener and I pride myself on identifying the unique issues, and building a plan to successfully resolve the legal conflict, always striving to reach the optimum outcome for my client.  I promise you skilled legal representation for your matter, with open communication and a sense of humor where warranted.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Positive resolutions of legal conflicts depend upon a strong attorney-client relationship.

Building this relationship is paramount to me and is the foundation of how I work and represent my practice.

Regardless of whether I am contracted to resolve employment disputes, assist an entrepreneur form a business, or to help an individual secure disability benefits – I operate and believe in the following principles:

  • Open and consistent communication coupled with active listening
  • Honest review and appraisal of the case, and if accepted, up to date developments shared

It has been my ongoing goal since I began a career dedicated to the law to focus not only on the person behind the case itself, but in realizing attainable and tangible solutions. I do not employ nor do I agree with protracted conflicts, excessive costs in litigation, and what boils down to legal “dog fights.”

From my history working with the United States Department of Justice and the large metropolitan law firm, I am able to pull from my extensive legal experience when traditional problem solving and negotiations fail. I am not afraid to vet other options to resolve the issue including, but not limited to, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

My long track record of success and multifaceted background have prepared me for demanding and complicated cases. I offer an understanding of group dynamics and politics in and around the workplace, again from both angles. I am sensitive to both the emotional and personal nature of these claims and am committed to easing the emotional stress associated with this sector of the law. I will help you understand what is relevant to your suit, the options available to you, and what may lie ahead. We’ will work together to help you identify your ultimate goals and develop a strategy to resolve your case, specifically for you. I do not practice cookie cutter law – I understand that everyone does not want or expect the same outcome. By becoming my client, you are charging me and entrusting me to develop a logical, thoughtful, and more importantly, analytical representation that meets your needs.


I was an executive working in a small family owned finance and insurance company in the City of Philadelphia for the past 11 years. I was an integral part of the success of the various closely held companies which accrued assets in excess of $100,000,000. I eventually decided that I wanted out of the “family” business to pursue my own career path. While negotiating my buyout package, I tried to resolve my 401k and pension plan but it just seemed to muddy the negotiating waters. I felt confident that I was protected under the Federal laws of ERISA, so I decided to deal with the retirement plans at a later time. I made numerous cordial attempts to rollover my money to only later find that the CEO of the company had no intentions of ever giving me my money (as ridiculous as that may sound) and flat out said so.

I was forced to look for an ERISA lawyer to pursue my position and believe me it was not an easy search. I wanted a lawyer who was going to take a personal interest in my case and be accessible at a moment’s notice. Kim Ashbach was that very person. She listened to my concerns and we worked closely together to develop a strategy to WIN!

Kim met with the opposing attorneys head on. She was smooth, tactful and professional while always keeping her eye on the prize. After weeks of peeling the proverbial onion, she was able to expose the defense as a complete sham and nothing more than a personal vendetta against me.

After an initial contentious litigation battle, Kim secured and negotiated an extremely generous settlement for me with all of my attorney’s fees reimbursed. Kim did this all the while being personally attacked by the unprofessional defense attorneys and she was able to shield me from all of the backdoor negotiating nonsense. If you need an excellent attorney for your ERISA claim, I did the home work for you, KIM ASHBACH IS YOUR LAWYER!!!!!

I will be happy to talk to you if you need a referral.

I have engaged Kim Ashbach on several occasions for employment law related matters. Her attention to detail, keen insight and legal analysis is superb. Kim’s advice and counsel has been consistently well received and of the highest standards. Kim provides solid and practical advice.

Ms. Kim Ashbach represented me in a difficult case which involved a company’s deliberate indifference to the discriminatory practices of some of its leaders. I quickly discovered that Kim is unlike any other attorney that I have known; not only is she extremely knowledgeable of the intricacies of labor-law, but she is empathetic, fiercely protective, and incredibly responsive…not one of my calls or emails to her went unanswered. Thanks to Kim’s tireless efforts and absolute dedication to my situation, we were able to secure a significant settlement that was much more than what I had anticipated; plus, I was able to separate from my company with dignity and honor. If you need an experienced, loyal, dedicated, and caring attorney—one that will invariably fight for you—Kim is the obvious choice.

I was extremely pleased with legal services provided by Kim Ashbach. Kim promptly responds to questions and issues and provided us with a feeling of confidence in knowing she was our advocate. When you need legal assistance you want the best, and in my opinion she is tops in her field of practice. Would highly recommend Kim Ashbach!

Kim is remarkable and I cannot thank her enough for taking my case. Having to hire an attorney in PA, when you live several hundred miles away, is a challenge. I was so fortunate to find Kim after terminating another firm who did not have my best interests in mind. I was in a bad predicament as a result of my previous counsel, but after a couple lengthy conversations with Kim, she decided to take on the challenge because of the compassionate and confident lawyer she is. Kim is very intelligent, professional, diligent, persistent, passionate and relentless. She knows the law, and only wish I had found her a couple years earlier. She was able to finally put closure to my case.

It was so refreshing to be able to rest knowing I was in such good hands, and had Kim 100% behind me. I can’t say enough about Kim. She is my attorney and has become a good friend.

When you have so many positive things to say about Kim Ashbach, it’s hard to know where to begin. Let me start by saying, Kim was highly recommended to handle an unemployment compensation appeal case for me from another attorney. What I found ironic about this referral, this attorney was opposing counsel to Kim. That says it all; she is the leader in her field!

Immediately speaking to Kim I found an instant comfort level. Kim’s success comes from giving prompt, personal attention with a strong commitment to quality, responsiveness and a sharp eye for detail. She genuinely cares about her clients. In my particular case, I was a basket case closer to the appeal date. Kim took every call, never made me feel like a nuisance and assured me every step of the way.

Don’t let her kind picture online fool you. Kim is a shark! I am privileged to have had Kim successfully represent me as an attorney and am honored to now call her my friend! I highly recommend Kim to anyone who expects winning results! You can’t lose with Kim Ashbach.

We really can’t say enough about Kim. She took on our case when even the ‘big’ law firms in Philadelphia were reluctant, as our legal problem was very unique and many lawyers hadn’t really ever heard of what we were trying to accomplish. She sat and listened to us for over two hours at our first meeting, and it was apparent from the start that she was very interested in seeing our particular matter resolved. She was always available to us via phone, for a meeting, or over e-mail. It was such a relief after we started working with her to feel like we finally had someone on our side, and to have an objective third party telling us we had a legitimate grievance. She was also always very straightforward with us about our ‘odds,’ about how the courts had historically reacted to our type of claim, and that it wouldn’t necessarily be an easy battle. However, due to Kim’s extremely competent, professional and tenacious manner, it wasn’t long before we saw our matter resolved to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend her as an attorney. Thank you, Kim, for a great job. You made a tremendous difference in two people’s lives!

Kimberly Ashbach was pivotal in assisting us when we were unable to obtain payment of our mother’s long term care claim. We were blocked at every turn by professional customer service representatives of the insurance company whose job description is to politely provide no information. As my mother’s condition continued to deteriorate and her policy holder continued to stonewall and delay, we contacted Attorney Ashbach and she quickly reviewed the pertinent information and correctly assessed the problem.

Her timely correspondence and phone calls on our behalf to the insurance company made them aware of our legal position and strength of our claim. She diligently pursued an answer and kept me aware of her progress. Last week we finally received notification that the claim will be paid and our mother’s plans to provide for her assisted living without being a financial burden to her children have been realized. Attorney Kimberly Ashbach’s tenaciousness and professionalism paid off.

I am writing to recommend the services of Kimberly Ashbach, Esquire as an attorney and legal counsel. I have known Kim first as an attorney and then as a good friend for over five years.
In July of 2001 I was diagnosed with parathyroid cancer. I had to undergo three major surgeries, and as a result I was unable to continue in my career as a police officer. After twenty-four years of loyal public service, I was fired by my employer and denied disability by the insurance carrier. I was in no man’s land! I had no job, no pension, no disability and no prospects especially given the fact that I was still suffering the effects of my illness.

Desperate with seemingly no place to turn, I was introduced to Kimberly Ashbach by a friend from my past employment. She was appalled at the treatment that I had received and took my case on a contingency basis. She vigorously represented me through the Civil Service hearings and federal court.

After a long and arduous battle, we prevailed or I should say, Kim did. She won for me all that I had lost and because of her incredible and monumental effort I was able to prevail and retire with my pension.

It is impossible for me to recommend her too highly. Indeed no amount of praise or platitudes can adequately describe what she has meant to my existence and to my family’s peace of mind. She is the pinnacle of the legal profession! A consummate professional and an exemplary human being!

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