Commercial Law

I have litigated many sorts of contract disputes, which all fellow general paradigms, with similar assertions of defenses and counterclaims. I have large firm experience and expertise with a small firm, individualized touch. Sometimes you need a deft hand to resolve these issues, other times you need a velvet hammer, and other times you need a fighter in the ring. I am adept at these varying approaches in resolution. The types of matters I handle include:

Personal Disputes

  • Life Insurance policy claims
  • Nursing home insurance claims
  • Real estate breaches of contract
  • Sale/Purchase of goods and/or services
  • Personal Services Contracts
  • Employment Agreements

Commercial Disputes (Business to Business)

  • Sales Contracts
  • UCC lien disputes
  • Bailment lien disputes
  • Employment Related Contracts
  • Contractor disputes
  • Unfair Trade Practices
  • Breach of Confidentiality Agreement/Proprietary Information Agreement
  • Insurance claims
  • Construction litigation
  • Generalized business litigation
  • Non-compete litigation

I service clients in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia Counties, including North Wales, Lansdale, Montgomeryville, Norristown, Blue Bell, Ambler, Doylestown, Langhorne, Bensalem, Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Commercial Law Attorney
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Kimberly H. Ashbach, Esq.

Contracts/Commercial Litigation

Contract disputes can be of a personal nature or “business to business” related. Many disputes arise when the terms of the initial agreement are unclear, vague, silent as to terms, or there was no real “meeting of the minds” as to what the parties intended when they signed the contract. Often, different expectations leave the contracting parties at odds as to compliance as to the contract terms. Not all contracts must be in writing to be enforceable, but there are substantial proof problems when each party has a different understanding of the essential terms. For that reason, all parties involved are better protected up front, if there is a cogent legal document that details the parties’ rights and responsibilities.

I can assist you in the formation and drafting of appropriate language and terms that sets forth with clarity the expectation of the parties. However, even well-conceived and drafted documents can become the subject of litigation, if they are entered into under duress, with fraud or subject to other defenses or mitigating circumstances.

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