Equine Law

As a lawyer, and horse owner for more than forty years, I have an insider’s view to the unique world of equine sports. Horse ownership involves an investment in a major asset. Those who own horses know the amount of money at stake, but are often shy about protecting their investments in these marvelous animals. Reluctance to address these issues proactively is the biggest liability of all.

I can help you to understand the law and develop a plan to protect your animal and your investment through the use of carefully drafted contracts and comprehensive insurance and liability coverage.

I represent clients in a myriad of equine legal issues in the Philadelphia Metro area and throughout the east-central Pennsylvania region. If you are in need of an equine law attorney in these areas, I can assist you with services such as:

  • Boarding Contracts
  • Lease/Purchase/Sale Agreements
  • Equine Property leases
  • Breeding rights contracts
  • Insurance/Liability Issues
  • Tort/property damage/personal injury
  • Animal Rights Issues
  • USEF – defense of charges, rules violations, disputes with transfers of ownerships

For more information about the services I can provide you with, contact me directly at my Ambler, Pennsylvania, law offices today.

Horse Boarding Contract Attorney
Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Kimberly H. Ashbach, Esq.

“Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. ”
― W.C. Fields

In the world of horses and equestrians, so-called “gentlemen’s agreements” concerning matters such as horse breeding, leasing, buying/selling, boarding, training contracts are not uncommon. And while these “agreements” may be nice—in no way do they represent good business sense.

Horse owners are rich traditionalists. There has always been an unspoken understanding that horse owners are “a different breed,” and that they could do business “on the honor of a handshake.” These agreements date back to a time when the purchase of the horse could be had for incidental funds. Times have changed, and horses, although mainly purchased for our “hobby,” require the outlay of thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum. And unfortunately, many people find that honor is nowhere to be found when a dispute or problem crops up.

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